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Philips BRT382/15 Bikini Trimmer Full Review – Hairvair

Are you fed up with skin irritation, rashes, and nicks due to opting for the wrong razor while shaving your private and sensitive parts of your body?

As most of the women supposed to use a normal razor like Gillette Venus etc. or wax in a parlor, which can be hygienic but most of the women getting skin irritation, pains while waxing, nicks and cuts. So there is an unwanted hassle that can be painful.

In this technical era, introducing lots of products as similar to the hair remover product. Nevertheless, trimmer works so differently and efficiently especially for the private and sensitive part of your body.

To avoid this kind of skin irritation, here a highly recommended product, that is Philips BRT382/15 Bikini Trimmer, and here brings a full Philips bikini trimmer review for you.

Keep your bikini line in perfect shape with Philips bikini trimmer especially for females. It’s a safe and easy way to trim, shape, and style the hair down there.

First of all, let’s know about the color, parts, design, and packaging of Philips BRT382/15 Bikini Trimmer:

  • There is a color combination of a pink body and white heads.
  • This is in the pink body molded with rubber grip, which is helpful to clutch easily by your palm and finger avoiding slippery.
  • Click-on comb included trimming hairs to 3 mm length
  • Bikini trimming head precisely trims down hairs to 0.5 mm
  • Mini shaving head included for a clean look after trimming
  • Cleaning brush included for quick cleaning
  • Pouch included storing everything in one place

Philips BRT382/15 bikini trimmer Features: Precise Trim & Shave

  • Ergonomic design for easy navigation around the bikini area: The smart ergonomic handle makes it feasible to trim, shave, and style your bikini line with ease.
  • Click-on Trimming comb: Click-on the trimming comb to the trimming head and precisely trim your hair to 3 mm length.
  • Bikini trimming head precisely trims down hairs to 0.5 mm: The bikini trimming head trims down the hair to 0.5 mm.
  • Mini shaving head included for a clean look after trimming: After using the bikini trimming head, use the mini shaving head for more cleaning with 0 mm and beautifully bare shave.
  • Round teeth effectively cut hairs while protecting the skin: Rounded hair removal cutting teeth work their magic so you can safely and effectively trim your bikini line. No nicks or cuts.
  • Cleaning brush included for quick cleaning: Although, this is a small piece of equipment, very useful such as it helps to quickly clean the inner part of the trimmer and keep it hygienic with the cleaning brush.
  • Battery-powered for optimal portability: BikiniGenie is battery powered. AA batteries included. This trimmer runs with a non-rechargeable 1.5V battery and No need for charging cords.
  • Pouch included storing everything in one place: Attractive pouch so you can store everything in one place.

Philips BRT382/15 bikini trimmer Pros and Cons:-


  • Easy to assemble and disassemble the parts of the product.
  • This bikini trimmer can be used on both wet and dry skin.
  • it comes with cleaning brush and storage pouch
  • this trimmer very easy to use and very useful travel friendly and all the attachments are worth it.
  • It’s a very easy and safe way to trim the pubic area
  • Hassle-free cleaning with the help of an attached brush
  • Doesn’t cause nicks and cuts
  • Doesn’t take much time
  • Flawless results


  • Nothing to say in cons except its price might be for some of you. Otherwise, this is a nice looking and durable product for a long.

How to use Philips BRT382/15 bikini trimmer:

  • Preferably, use this product while having a shower as this helps to open the pores and soften the pubic area.
  • Take the start-up using the trimming comb if the hair is too long or freezy or you can skip this step. While using a trimmer comb, pull the skin taut or stretch with the help of one hand then move the trimmer against the direction of hair growth.
  • Now Remove the trimming comb to the trimmer head and fix the bikini trimming head for 0.5 mm cleaning. Pull the skin taut or stretch with the help of one hand then move the trimmer opposite direction of hair growth.
  • Next, Remove the bikini trimming head and fix the bare mini shaving head for the final touch and 0 mm cleaning. Pull the skin taut or stretch with the help of one hand then move the trimmer opposite direction of hair growth.
  • Wash the area and moisturize your skin well to prevent irritation or dryness.
  • Rince the trimmer/shaver heads after every use and let them dry properly before storing.


Use anytime, anywhere! In or outside the shower. This is a user-friendly product for all kinds of skin. Hassle-free cleaning and give a bare look after trimming or shaving the pubic area.

it gives cleanliness to the area and provides a surface for the skin to breathe instead of waxing the area or say sensitive area it’s better to trim as it is difficult to pull off the soft skin hair. The attached trimmer heads make it easier to clean and are effortless and painless as well.


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