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Your hair is one of the first things that other people notice about you—may it be during parties, during classes, during a conference or during anything that involves meeting other people. So, it becomes one of the most important things that you should take care of.

Being too curly, being too straight, being too dry, being too greasy and being frizzy are just some of the main problems that you can have with your hair; but have you experienced having dandruff?

Well, it is one of the worst and most embarrassing things that could happen. If ever that you see, or other people see, some small and white flakes on your hair or on your t-shirt, that means bad news—you have dandruff.

If you are one of those people who experienced having dandruff before, then you must know that it does not go away so easily. Besides being an embarrassing thing for other people to see, it will surely be a source of annoyance to you since it is very itchy on the scalp.

I am sure that you do not want to experience that again. Also, for some of you who have not experienced having dandruff yet, do not wish to because they are really such a hassle.

Fortunately, a few tips to prevent them from occurring and coming back will be discussed along with some other basic information that you should know about dandruff.

What Is Dandruff?

Dandruff is one of the most common condition of the scalp that annoys people every day—this condition causes the scalp of person to be itchy and it is also characterized by flakes of dead skin cells. Dandruff typically occurs during the stage of puberty and it starts to stop at the age of around 50 years old.

Dandruff’s severity can differ depending on its cases—there are some that are not very aggressive and are very easy to treat while there are some that will even require serious treatment.

While the peeling of dead skin cells on the scalp is normal, the peeling of the scalp when you have dandruff is a different case—usually, the peeling happens slowly and nearly unnoticeable, but when you have dandruff, the dead skin cells on the scalp peel more rapidly when compared to the usual process and cycle.

Common Causes Of Dandruff:-

Studies have proven that being sensitive to certain hair products, having dry skin and having skin conditions such as psoriasis and or eczema are some of the common causes why people develop dandruff on their scalps.

Also, dandruff could get worse when you are sick or stressed, when the weather is cold or during winter, when you have an unhealthy diet and when you do not have proper hygiene.

In addition, people think shampooing frequently can prevent dandruff from occurring, but that is wrong—that is one of the misconceptions about the scalp.

People who tend to shampoo a lot can get dry scalps; thus, it may lead to having dandruff too.

Natural Remedies For Dandruff

You already know all the basis knowledge about dandruff, and it is time for you to learn some of the most effective home remedies for dandruff  that can keep dandruff from occurring and coming back. So, if you are long wanting to be dandruff-free, then might as well check all these very easy remedies that you can do at your homes.

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  1. Aloe Vera

Most of you know that Aloe Vera is a good ingredient for skin care and hair products, but do you know that this natural herb is also one of the best remedies that you apply on scalp every time when it gets irritated.

Aloe Vera has anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties that can prevent the scalp from being more irritated than it is when you have an alarming amount of dandruff on it. This natural herb is also known to have a cooling effect on the scalp; thus, making it more relaxed and reducing the itchiness.

Also, one of the coolest things about Aloe Vera is that it is proven to mildly exfoliate the skin and the scalp—meaning to say, it can gradually remove all the dandruff on your scalp without you getting hurt.

It is advisable to apply the extract of the Aloe Vera plant directly on the scalp then wash it off with a very mild, and if possible an anti-dandruff, shampoo.

The extract can be very easy to prepare—you just have to get the adequate amount of Aloe Vera leaves, peel it off, and extract the thick mucilaginous thing that comes out from it. If you follow these very easy steps, I can assure you that Aloe Vera will relieve the inflammation on your irritated scalp.

  1. Baking Soda

This might seem a little weird, but baking soda is one of the most famous alternatives that people use every time there is no available exfoliators. According to some professional dermatologists, baking soda acts as a mild scrub and gently exfoliates the scalp without giving it more irritation.

With this process, the dead skin cells on the scalp will be exfoliated and the build up of dandruff will be prevent from happening anytime soon. Also, baking soda is proven by studies to have anti-fungal properties that are known to soothe the scalp and make it relaxed; in addition, it also reduces the itching and the redness on the scalp.

  1. Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar is also one of the most effective natural home remedies that you can try when you want to treat your dandruff. According to dermatologists, the acidic content of apple cider vinegar is one of the most powerful substances that drastically reduces the flaking on the scalp.

Also, apple cider vinegar helps in reducing the itchiness on the dry scalp. In addition, it fights off the dandruff-causing bacteria and fungus that can be found on the scalp.

It is advisable to mix equal amounts of water and apple cider vinegar, then apply on the scalp, leave it there for almost half of an hour, and then wash it off with clean water or even with a mild, and if possible an anti-dandruff, shampoo.

  1. Egg Yolk

Did you know that egg yolk contains a compound called ‘biotin’—a substance that is considered as one of the major vitamins that the body needs to prevent and treat dandruff. As if it is still not enough, egg yolks can also act as one of the natural conditioners that you can use for your hair to be softer and healthier.

It is advisable to remove the white part of the egg when doing this process since the egg yolk is the only one needed to be applied on the scalp. Just simply apply the egg yolk on your scalp and leave it there for an hour—this is for maximum treatment. After that, you may wash it with a mild, and if possible an anti-dandruff, shampoo.

There will be times when you will be required to wash it twice due to the smell it has but worry not for you will surely get rid off of your dandruff after doing this. If you want to do this natural home remedy, it is advisable to do it 3 times in one week.


As mentioned above, your hair is one of the first things that people will notice about you. It is at the very top of your head, and your head is at the top of your body. So, it is important that you make actions to take care of it. Also, it may lower your self-esteem and confidence one you have problems on your scalp since it is very hard to face people when you have those kinds of problem. So, try the natural remedies mentioned above in order for you to have a dandruff-free hair and scalp.

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