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One of the most wonderful communities in this world and a best place for the tourism known as “Istanbul” from Turkey is known for something beyond its interesting excellence and the yummy delectable Turkish joys.

Istanbul Hair Transplant:-

Istanbul is also quite popular for Hair transplant, according to the researchers there are numerous individuals who visit the nation to achieve solid and lovely strands on their head.

In this specific article, we are here talking about what makes Istanbul Hair Transplant worth the expense.

We know that Turkey is acclaimed for its clinical treatment, particularly identified with hair transplantations. On the off chance that you need to realize how much a hair transplant costs in Istanbul; at that point to tell you that it’s quite cheap compared to other nations

According to the researchers, there are about 5000 individuals in a year visit Istanbul for hair transplant, you will see numerous individuals in the city of turkey where individuals are coming with a white head wrap on their heads for hair transplant.

In the event of exploration of the expense of hair transplantation in Turkey, you will understand that the expense of hair transplant in Istanbul costs around $1500 to $3000 which depends on the quantity of hair planted follicles, which ranges from around 1000 to 6500 hair follicles.

An ongoing study, we asked a visitor who had visited Turkey for his hair transplant, When asked, “Why he picked Turkey for Hair Transplant he said”

“I simply heard beneficial things about Turkey, particularly about Istanbul. My companion has additionally been in the city and I chose to come here when I saw the outcomes,” said the man, who is in his 20s.

According to the researchers, Turkey is evaluated as the most well known destination for hair transplants, as indicated by the leader of the Turkish Society of Plastic Reconstructive and Esthetic Surgery.

According to a renown plastic surgeon, it has been stated that around 1,500 hair transplant surgeries take place across the country every day.

Coming down to the kind of quality we get in Turkey for hair transplant, below are some high in demand services provided by clinics in Istanbul.

MICRO FUE SAPPHIRE Hair Transplants Treatment

This specific treatment is designed to be extremely safe and painless while giving you beautiful and natural-looking results with a great density.

This treatment is popular among both Men & Women. This treatment can be used for several parts of the body including eyebrow, beard, moustache and general hair restoration. It is known as one of the best Istanbul hair transplants.

This specific treatment makes use of the “CHOI PEN” which is referred to give you the best results when it comes to quality and quantity both.

This instrument is just like a pen that allows more natural outcome and increases the survival rate of the follicle after being implanted on the head.

At Clinic in Istanbul, we use the latest Choi Pen technology in our DHI procedures to ensure the best possible experience for our clients.

  • Platelet Rich Plasma Hair Transplant Treatment

This amazing therapy is completely nourishing and provides you with amazingly beautiful and thick locks on your head. This procedure makes use of your blood to stimulate the hair growth resulting in thicker, fuller hair.

The treatment follows by carefully injecting platelet-rich plasma collected from your body and putting it directly into your scalp. These platelets release proteins which triggers an inflammatory response and help your hair growth to stimulate and encourages faster growth for good looking hair, Naturally!

This particular therapy comes with some advantages which are:

1. Gives you better healing & faster recovery

The specialized regenerative properties of the platelet pumps which will be given to you would increase the entire number of platelets in your tissues, it will help you heal & recover faster from the surgery.

2. Say “No” to scars

Its healing properties will also reduce the appearance of dot-like scarring following the transplant.

3. Swelling? No more

This therapy would reduce the swelling which will affect the procedure to increase.

4. Bye-Bye to Bruise

This special therapy can help you decrease the chances of bruising by improving the blood clotting factors in your tissue.

5. Hello to New & Natural Hair Growth!

Irrespective of the hair transplant needs, our PRP therapy would boost your hair growth and give you thick and naturally long locks that you’ve always desired.

If you plan for Hair Transplant, you need to understand the difference in between these treatments; and to know that a proper consultation from the exert doctor is a must


So YES! After such an intensive R&D we’ve come up to a resolution that indeed, Istanbul hair transplant merits the expense.

During your underlying meetings, your doctor would comprehend your body type and attempt to figure out which transplantation technique would be best for you depending on your prerequisite and balding explanation.

With a group of master specialists would attempt to refine the best bundle for you, You will understand that we offer you to book a FREE interview! Additionally, we offer you simple and custom fitted money arrangements with the goal that you get the haircut you’ve generally wanted for!

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