How to Use V Care Hair Removal Foam Spray & Full Review

Nobody want unwanted hair on his or her body and wish a clean body with unwanted hair but how it possible. There are couple of option are available around you to remove this hair but either some of them are time taking or some of them too painful. Today I am talking about v care hair removal foam spray which is helpful to remove under arms hair removal quickly, you can remove hair from private parts hair easily even you can use it to remove hair from public parts. It is better than hair removal cream even it can help you to remove a increased hair density area.

Best Hair removal Product, V Care’s Brand new revolution beauty hair removal foam that removes unwanted hair fast and efficiently. And it’s pain-free! Just spray and simply wipe away and you’ve got silky smooth skin in minutes. It’s perfect for arms, underarms and legs.

How to use v care hair removal foam spray?

Step 1 – You have to identity the hair removal area.
Step 2 – Apply foam spray and cover all the are area where you want to remove hair.
Step 3 – Leave till the 10 – 15 minute for better result.
Step 4 – Take a cotton and tissue paper
Step 5 – Wipe applied from with the help of cotton or tissue paper.
Step 6 – Wash your hand Properly
Step 7 – you can apply moisturizer.

vcare hair removal

Benefited of v care hair removal foam:-

  • Enriched with ingredients such as Aloe Vera juice, That makes your skin smoother. Glucoside, and that’s going to moisturize your skin because it is plant-derived, biodegradable, and gentle for all hair types.
  • Remove hair in seconds and exfoliates.
  • Pain-free & irritation free.
  • Stop shaving or waxing,Spray & wipe in just 5 minutes.

Ingredients used in v care hair removal foam:- 

  • Its contains Aleo vera juice.
  • Its contains Glycerin.
  • Its contains Deminerlized water.
  • Its contains Allantoin.

Price or cost of v care hair removal foam spray at differ market place :-

V Care Hair Removal Spray Foam, 50 ml at Amazon – Rs. 249

V care Hair Removal Spray Foam, 50 ml Spray at Flipkart – Rs. 299

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