How To Repair Dry And Damaged Hair At Home?

Everyone loves their hair and wants healthy and shiny hair. But most of the people are worried about their frizzy, dry, and damaged hair.

When people look at your hair from up close then you can see that there will be little layers on the top of every single hair which is called the hair cuticles. When these little layers stick out then your hair looks so frizzy and damaged.

Before getting any hair treatments it is essential to come to know about the root causes of any hair problems. Unfortunately, dry and damaged hair problems basically occur when your hair does not receive enough moisture and wetness that the hair actually needs to sustain a healthy and shiny effect on the natural hair.

Let’s come to know the more causes of dry and damaged hair because we should identify the root causes of any hair problem before getting any solution or treatment which is the most important part of hair care.

Causes of Dry and Damaged Hair:

It occurs due to three reasons such as External Treatment, Environmental and Climate Effects, and Internal Causes.

External Hair Treatments such as

  • Overheating using hair tools like hair straightener, blower which is the cause of breaking the bond of hair shafts and making the hair vulnerable, weak, and damaged.
  • Over uses of Hair Dyes and Bleaches
  • Using harsh and chemical-based hair products like shampoo, mask
  • Applying chemical based hair colors, bleaching your hair
  • Using mineral-based oils
  • Excessive Hair Washing and conditioning

Environmental and Climate effects such as

  • Sunburns and the excessive hot or cold winds are one of the basic climate effects to dry and damage your hair.
  • The dry and damaged hair caused by overexposure to the UV rays (ultraviolet rays) of the sun.
  • Usually, it is also caused by swimming many times in the chlorinated and salty water.

Internal Causes:

In some cases, dry and damaged hair is caused by health problems that make it difficult for your hair to sustain moisture. The following health conditions can dry out your hair:

  • Protein and nutritional deficiency in your body
  • Thyroid Abnormalities
  • Anorexia Nervosa is an eating disorder in which a person undergoes self-starvation. Generally in this condition, people are typically underweight. That causes hair problems and makes your hair dry and damaged.
  • Menkes Kinky Hair Disease is one of the causes of genetics.

As a result of these causes, your hair gets limp, fragile, and frizzy hair texture and makes it dry and damaged.

How to Repair Dry and Damaged Hair:

Avoiding above mentioned causes, it is essential to care about your hair and get healthy, smooth, and shiny hair forever. That’s why here are some essential tips for you.

First of all, we go through the regular and essential hair care routine in such following 7 simple steps.

Step1: Comb your hair thoroughly before you wash it

Most importantly use a bristle or detangle comb for your frizzy hair before rinsing it. As it is beneficial to spread the natural oil on every single layer of hair. Moreover, it helps to remove the tangle from your hair and gives a smooth surface to apply shampoo in a proper way.

Step2: Wash your hair less often

When you apply shampoo repeatedly washing your hair, the natural oils are stripping it off. And eventually, the hair becomes dry and gets split ends onto the hair cuticles. Even the scalp also gets dry due to over washing. So it would be highly recommended that washing your hair not more than two times a week and avoid daily washing of your hair.

Step3: Use Mild and Soften Shampoo

Avoid using harsh and chemical-based shampoo in which contains the ingredients like alcohol and minerals because alcohol tends to swell up your hair cuticles that cause your hair so dry and frizzy. In spite of trying to choose a mild and softening shampoo that should be alcohol and chemical-free.

So it would be highly recommended to use glycerine and aloe vera based shampoo that produces more moisture and give a shiny and healthy appearance in the hair.   

Step4: Maintain the water temperature while rinsing your hair

It is also the most important thing to care about water temperature while washing your hair. Water temperature acts a vital role for your hair whether the water is cold or hot.

Such as lukewarm water is very helpful to open hair cuticles and allow the shampoo to do their job properly whereas cold water helps to close the cuticles and seal in the moisture and nutrients from the conditioner which gives a shiny and healthy appearance on the hair.

Step5: Rinse thoroughly with cold water

Always remember that finally stripping or rinsing the shampoo or conditioner from your hair use cold water only which helps to seal the cuticles entering the moisture and nutrients.

Step6: Handle your wet hair carefully

After washing your hair be careful of wet hair because it is the most fragile stage that’s why it is important that you don’t rub or comb on to the wet hair. Alternatively, gently squeeze the water with the help of your hand and cover or wrap your hair with a soft towel to maintain the moisture.

Step7: Use Anti-frizz Hair Oil

At last, after soaking the water from your hair definitely apply anti-frizz hair oil or serum into the quite wet hair which makes your hair feels soft and silky for a long.

Tips for a healthy and shiny texture for damaged and dry hair:

Here mentioning some herbal and natural hair treatments especially for dry and damaged hair which will be the most effective way to maintain the natural consistency of your hair.

  • Thoroughly massage with organic coconut oil:

Coconut oil moisturizes dry hair and adds luster, shine, and softness to the hair. It also reduces protein loss in hair, which leads to hair growth and beautiful, long length.

Deep and hot coconut oil hair massage for 30minutes and leave it overnight for the extreme results. And most importantly repeat the same twice a week for instant results.

  • Hair Mask Recipe for Damaged and Dry Hair
  1. Coconut Oil  Hair Mask Recipe for Damaged and Dry Hair  
  2. Yogurt Hair Mask for Repair Damage and Dull Hair


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