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Regretting that synthetic hair extension purchase? Synthetic hair extensions are not durable and, in a few months, or weeks will lose their luster. And maybe you have thought about it, how about changing the color for a few more weeks?

If you tried coloring the synthetic hair extensions with natural hair dye, chances are that the process backfired on you. Using normal hair dye on synthetic hair does not work, but there are a few methods to try out.

Let’s get right in.

1. Use the Acrylic Ink Dye

Synthetic Hair Extensions

You will need alcohol and your acrylic dyes. In a spray bottle mix the alcohol and the ink. The amount of alcohol depends on how dark or light you want your hair extension color. More alcohol dilutes the color making it light while for a dark color use more acrylic ink than the alcohol.


With your gloves on, spray the mixture to the hair extension until saturated with the dye. To achieve an even color, rub your fingers through the hair. While spraying from the roots, after carefully saturating the hair, let sit for about 45minutes to dry. However, you could also blow-dry the hair extension under low heat for the ink to dry.

2. Use an Alcohol-based Marker

For this coloring technique, you will mix rubbing alcohol and the alcohol-based marker. Using a pair of pliers, remove the ink tube from the marker to the ink tube. Drop the ink tube into the spray bottle and add alcohol. And let sit overnight, this helps to get all the color from the ink tube.


Spray the ink on the synthetic hair extension and rub thoroughly with your finger or a comb to ensure the hair is evenly colored or as desired. After spraying the hair let sit for about one hour to air dry. However longer or thicker hair might take longer to dry.

To avoid getting the dye to your clothes, wait until the hair has air dried before washing. Then wash your colored hair for the best results and dry it using a blow-dryer under low heat.

Some important precautionary measures include:

  • Avoid using a blow-dry

To avoid damage to the synthetic fibers in the hair, avoid using hot tools. Applying heat on synthetic hair destroys the fibers in turn affecting the quality of the hair.

  • Take the necessary precautionary measures

Dying your synthetic hair is a great DIY project however it is essential to use proper safety measures. For instance, avoid mixing the dyes in metal containers. Also, have a garbage bag to cover your working area to avoid staining the area.

  • Use safety gear

Finally, use protective gear such as gloves and avoid close contact with the dyes.

Though Indique hair extensions are a quick and easy way to fix your hair, they may get tangled easily and will only last for a few months. However before then, why not enjoy a few new colors. You can play around with different colors before giving up on your synthetic hair.


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